Welcome to the Sponsors page of TrioFest, where we celebrate the partnerships that drive the heartbeat of our extraordinary festival. Through collaboration, dedication, and shared values, our sponsors play a vital role in bringing the magic of Caribbean Music, Caribbean Cuisine, Vendors, and Wine to life.

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We invite companies and organizations that resonate with our festival’s values to join the TrioFest family as sponsors. By doing so, you’ll not only connect with a passionate community but also align your brand with an event that celebrates the Caribbean spirit and promotes cultural exchange.

Benefits of Sponsorship

Sponsorship of TrioFest offers a range of benefits, including increased brand visibility, engagement with a diverse audience, and the opportunity to showcase your commitment to culture and creativity. Our sponsorship packages are designed to provide value while allowing you to play an active role in the festival’s success.

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If your organization shares our passion for celebrating Caribbean Music, Caribbean Cuisine, Vendors, and Wine, we’d love to explore partnership opportunities with you. Contact our sponsorship team to discuss how your brand can be a part of TrioFest and contribute to an event that captures the essence of the Caribbean in the DMV area.

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